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This Is Not What It Looks Like | Abandoning Religion (Part 3)
In times of reflection, it is important to ask: What is God trying to drive out of my life, disrupt (change) in my life, or stop in my life?
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Pastor Vince Thomas, Jr.
This Is Not What It Looks Like
Abandoning Religion Series (Part 3)
Text: Mark 11:15-17 (NLT)

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Weekly Bible Reading Plan: “7 - Day Devotional, When Life Doesn’t Make Sense”-
Passover was a Pilgrimage Festival where people from all over would return to the Temple for worship and commemoration of all God has done for them.

In the new covenant, we do not have to wait for a specific time or place to "return to center" and worship God for all He has done. We are temples made without hands where God dwells (Acts 7:48; 1 Corinthians 6:19)
What Were They Selling on the Tables of the Money Changers?

Tunic (Covering)
Olive Oil (Anointing)
Loaves of bread (Healing)
Wine (Forgiveness of Sins)

When Jesus showed up to the Temple, He was enraged to see religion as a form of EXPLOITATION. Everything the Religious Leaders were selling, He came to provide for free to all who would accept Him.
Jesus Is Against:

- The exploitation of people
- Desecration of authentic worship to God
- Exclusivity in worship. The church being more interested in self than the world around it.
Pro-tip to enhance your relationship with God:

In times of reflection, it is important to ask: What is God trying to drive out of my life, disrupt (change) in my life, or stop in my life?

"I am asking for every head of household to establish a Weekly Digital Fast. One hour a week, I am asking there are no electronics (TVs, Computer, Laptops, Tablets, or Screens). Use that time to draw closer to God and each other. Read the Bible, books, complete crossword puzzles, play board games but absolutely no electronics one hour a week." - Pastor Vince Thomas, Jr.
Question for E-Groups (

How has COVID-19 impacted your work/life rhythms, and is there anything we can do to help?
What is God trying to drive out of my life?
What is God trying to disrupt (change) in my life?
What is God trying to stop in my life?
How specifically could I be praying for you?

*Discuss these questions with family and friends this week.

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