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The Shalom of God
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    Sunday 10:00 AM
How Important is Peace? The Bible says “Very”
The Aaronic BlessingShalom: completeness, soundness, welfare, peace
Invoke: Pronouncing the name over someone
Paul Opened Almost Every Letter with Something that We Don’t Usually Say
· He was pronouncing a blessing on his readers
· So, Peace Comes From God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ
· Is this Blessing Ours?
Yes and More – Read Ephesians 1 in response to the question
If We Lack Peace, We Need to Find It
The World Offers a Peace – Jesus Recommended Against it
Salvation Through the Blood of Jesus is the Fulfillment of Shalom
“In Me you May Have Peace”
Eternity with Jesus after All God’s Enemies Including Death are Vanquished is Shalom
Peace is A Fruit of the Holy Spirit – For Us it Grows from the Presence of the Holy Spirit in Us
This Week, Address Each Day and Each Problem by Remembering God’s Blessing of Grace and Peace