CrossWay Church
July 30: Different Faith Journeys
Locations & Times
  • CrossWay Church Battle Ground
    311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Acts 18:18-19:7 (900 / 1724) Different Faith Journeys

I) The Ministry Of John the Baptist

A) John was a _________________.
B) Most Jewish religious leaders taught that God would only forgive sins if Jews outwardly obeyed the commandments and offered _________________ in the temples.
C) John the Baptist taught that . . .

1) It was not the sacrifices that saved the Jews. These actions were only meant to be an ___________ expression of an inner attitude.
2) God only forgave those who were truly _____________ (sorry) for their sins and willing to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness.
3) God would send a Messiah soon who would ________________ God’s promise of forgiveness.
D) The Baptism of John was this __________ call to repent of your sin & ask God to forgive them based on the future work of the Messiah.
E) John learned that Jesus was this Messiah when he baptized him. Afterwards, he encouraged all to trust in ________ for their salvation.
II) 12 Disciples of John in Ephesus.

A) Paul asks them: Do you have a _____________________ with Jesus?

1) They articulated the basic story. God _____________ forgive their sin if they asked for forgiveness.
2) They had never trusted in Jesus and _________________ the Holy Spirit in their life.
B) Paul preaches the gospel and they ________________ in faith.
C) We need to diagnosis our own _____________ life. Have we put our hope and trust in Jesus?
D) We need to remember that not everyone who claims to be a Christian is a ________________ of Jesus. We may need to ask diagnostic questions and preach the gospel to them.
III) Apollos
A) Apollos had a ________________ with Jesus and knew the Bible.
B) He didn’t fully understand everything. He allowed Priscilla and Aquila to teach him.
C) God used Apollos to ______________ to the Corinthians.
D) If you are a Christian, what things do you need to ___________ more about? Are you teachable like Apollos?
E) Who has God put in your life that you could ________________?