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This isn't a story about the's about what happens to the murderer...
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Today's story introduces a theme in Genesis of brother versus brother, and another theme where the good do not always prosper...

This is a story not about the victim...but what happens to the murderer

Able: mist, temporary

Remember the "red shirts" on Star Trek?
Why does God reject Cain's offering? Did Cain bring his best? We aren't told in detail. What we do know is Cain is jealous...
God reveals that it IS possible to do well, even East of Eden

Story of the Eskimo Fisherman
You can't send me out there...there's murderers out there!
God puts His mark of protection on someone who doesn't deserve and I!
He claims us even though we would be an embarrassment to anyone else, He still brings us in while we still don't have our act together
Calling all sinners...anyone who needs God's mark of protection and doesn't already have it...don't wait another day but accept Jesus gift of salvation today!
Please stay for our vote on an Upward Basketball and Youth Director
This morning after service, we are voting on an Upward Basketball and Youth Director

The church council is recommending that we hire a college intern for approximately 500 hours, between the months of September and May, to facilitate leadership of the Upward Sports programs and Youth activities. The rate of pay averages around $8.00 per hour, which is slightly above minimum wage. Since Gregg and Nancy Baines’ departure from the area, the church council has been concerned about the future of our Upward Sports programs and we feel that this is the best direction to go. Combining this role with a Youth Director position allows us to give an aspiring college student experience in youth ministry and fill this gap in our ministries. Upward Sports, at Rock Creek Baptist, has consistently been a self-sustaining program, financially. There are currently enough funds in the Upward Checking account to cover this first year of intern expense. Obviously, we plan to evaluate the success of this endeavor, before deciding to continue for future years. The church council would ensure that proper controls are established to mitigate any risk exposure to the church as a result of brining an intern aboard. For example, we would run a back ground check and thoroughly investigate a candidates history. Also, we would ensure that finances associated with the Upward Sports programs are kept separate from the candidates responsibilities. Failure to fill this role will jeopardize the future of our Upward Sports programs, absent a viable volunteer to take on this extremely time consuming position. The church council is willing to consider alternative ideas