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CrossWay Church

July 23: Do Not Fear

July 23: Do Not Fear

Locations & Times

CrossWay Church Battle Ground

311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA

Sunday 10:00 AM

Acts 18:1-17 (900 / 1723) Do Not Fear

I) Corinth

A) Corinth was a very ________________ metropolis.

B) It was a bustling city with two __________ ports and thriving marketplace.

C) Corinth had a ____________ for hyper sexuality & immorality.

II) Paul and other Christians faced different __________

A) _____________________ Challenges
1) Aquila and Priscilla were kicked out of _____________.

2) The Jews brought ______________ charges against Paul and claimed he was teaching an illegal religion.

3) Christians today will ________ societal challenges.

B) Personal ___________________________

1) Paul was a ________________ when he first arrived at Corinth.

2) Personal attacks for standing up for hard and ______________ truths.

3)Our Christian faith ___________ personal sacrifices today.

C) These challenges caused Paul to be __________________.

1) Paul was ___________ about doing ministry in Corinth.

2) Paul probably thought about _______________ up.

3) Christians today will face challenges that seem __________.

III) God ________________ Paul and others Christians to endure!

IV) Christians can ____________ these challenges by . . .

A) Remembering that Christ is __________________ them.

Where have you felt God’s presence in your life?

B) We all must examine what the Bible teaches about Jesus and how he ______________ can connect us to the Creator God.

What promises of God do you need be reminded of?

What can you do to remember them more?

C) ______________________ on other believers.

Who has God put in your life to help you endure?

Who in your midst is struggling? What can you do to help them endure?

God’s people will face all kinds of challenges. They can endure them by remembering Christ is with them, trusting God’s promises and relying on other believers.

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