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A World of Difference, Part 4: The True Test
God is changing our hearts to see the need around us, and that's when the true test comes in: will we take the steps to do something about the brokenness? Let's make a world of difference!
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This week at HFCN
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-The difference between those who are blessed and those who are cursed at the judgement day will be the acts of love that were shown to those in need
-It’s important to note two things:
1.These were simple acts....a meal to eat, a cup of cold water to drink,
welcoming a stranger, looking after the sick or those in prison
2.These are things that anyone can do...those with much, those with little,
those who seem qualified, those who seem unqualified
What you see...
-Initially it does not appear that either group could see Jesus. Their response is “Lord, when did we see you...?” (Verse 37, 44)
-But the righteous did what they did, not because they could see Jesus, but because they could see a need
-The righteous did not do what they did for the applause of man, but because they were compelled by love to meet a need
-It begins with what you see, because when your lens becomes loving others first, it’s not about religious duty or obligation
What is in your heart...
-The Bible is clear that our salvation is by grace through faith, but the Bible also says faith without works is dead
-Our God does not desire your actions apart from your heart
-The difference between the sheep and the goats in Jesus’ story was never about the actions in and of themselves, but the heart behind their actions
Bottom line:
Your true test is what you do about what you see.
As God changes our hearts, He continues to open our eyes to see Him present in the every day needs all around us.

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