Rock Creek Baptist Church
Did God Really Say?
Join us as we discuss how the same old lies the devil used in the garden he uses on us today...and we still fall for them!
Locations & Times
  • Rock Creek Baptist
    1238 Rock Creek Dr, Nashville, NC 27856, USA
    Domingo 10:30 AM
Story: "It smells like gasoline in here..."
Illustration: fishing lures versus mouse traps
He lies about who he is: comes as a creature of beauty, not revealing his sinister plans

He is sneaky in how he approaches Eve: marginalizes Adam while still addressing them both, manages to make it look innocent at the same time

He lies about what God said versus what God meant: he twists God's words, implies that God didn't really say or really mean what he said. Moves next to a more blatant lie about God's motives. Turns God's permissive command into a restrictive prohibition.

He lies about the consequences of rebelling against God: yes their eyes are opened, but it's not as good as it sounded!

To summarize:
There are several main points to learn from this story

The devil has failed at his mission to surpass God but that hasn’t stopped him from trying to get us to do the same thing

He makes temptation look beautiful and reasonable and non-harmful

He lies about the consequences

He lies about the motives of God and will have us thinking that our way is
so much better than God’s, which is what all sin essentially boils down to.

He will twist what God says to make us question if God really said that or meant it, compromise our values, and give in to what he wants.
The application for us today is simply to "trust and obey, there is no other way." To stop believing that our way is better than God's but to trust His motives and plans for our lives are better than our own.

God isn't holding out the best blessings, He sent the very best in His Son. We should trust in His sacrifice for our sins and pursue Him in prayer, private and group worship, and reading His Word