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The Mind of Christ
Today, we’re going to look at a famous passage in Philippians that shows us what our mindset should be and how that will determine our actions.
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    Sunday 10:00 AM
The things we believe mentally, determine the things we do
Our thoughts and our actions are deeply connected to one another.
Jesus' mindset about Himself, as a servant of God and a servant to the whole world, determined his actions.
He stooped down into humanity and suffered and served and didn’t receive the recognition that He was truly worthy of.
This all began with a mindset…a way of thinking about Himself, about God, and about the world around Him.
And what about you and me? How do we think of ourselves?
Paul actually says we should have the same mindset as Christ…we should know our value and relationship with Jesus, yet we should never use it to keep others at arms length.
How do we do this?
-Fixing our eyes on Jesus
-Asking God to change our thoughts toward others
-Taking action of service toward others