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The Burden of Having God's Heart
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The Burden of Having God’s Heart

We Should All Have a Burden for Others

For somebody, for some place, for some situation
Our sincere love – The love of Christ – Focused Outwardly – Is His Signature on Us
Our Burdens Come From the Holy Spirit
Burden / Oracle / revelation / Word

Starts as a word and it grows and becomes a part of you – it becomes your heart.

I have a heart for...
The Churches Also Had a Burden For Paul
Our Burden for Others – Pushes Us Past the Ordinary

Remember: “No More Ordinary Days!”
We need to be in Love with Jesus and the people He Loves

Pastor Paul Yongi Chou, when asked why he so diligently served a neighbor, replied,
"It is because I am Christian and I believe God loves you, so I love you too”
Resolutions and promises all fall short
We will all be motivated to great service by the example of Christ
Imagine the potential in someone meeting a person who is humbly serving by “loving as He loved”
You may be the only “Jesus” that some people will ever see.