Rock Creek Baptist Church
The God Who Is In Control
The world might seem chaotic and out of control, but God is in control!
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  • Rock Creek Baptist
    1238 Rock Creek Dr, Nashville, NC 27856, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
So pulling all three of these references to creation together we see that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, God is creating, He is in charge, darkness is not in Him and it is not going to be! Nothing is going to get one over on God, change Him, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
God declares His creation good, He never says "oops!"

The people of Israel rediscovered God's Word when they were kicked out of their homeland. They found in it's pages the stories of how God had helped their ancestors in similar circumstances. They found that even when life seemed chaotic, God would take control if they cried out to Him.

Genesis 1 is a subtle contradiction to the pagan myths that surrounded Israel. Contrary to the stories of creation as an accident the gods couldn't control, we see that God in fact created with intentionality and never has lost control of His creation.

God willingly gives over some control of His creation. That is not the same as "losing" control. He gives mankind the freedom to choose Him or not.

The consequences for sin is death. God sent His Son to reconcile us to God. Back in Biblical times, you could sell yourself as a slave to pay your debts. But someone could come and pay off your debt in order to free you. They called it “redeeming.” We couldn’t do enough good deeds in order to pay off the magnitude of our sins, and we were a slave to them. But only Christ was rich enough in perfection, grace, and mercy to redeem us. The only one who could redeem the situation was the only one who had any control over it, and that was God.

We long for the day, when those of us who have accepted Christ, will see Him wipe every tear and put an end to sin.

Don't let Satan convince you to stay put, but let God's love have the first and last Word in what you do...follow Him!