Christ Community Olathe
Vices & Virtues - June 18 | Olathe
Gluttony | Temperance - 8:00, 9:30, 11:00am
Locations & Times
  • Christ Community - Olathe Campus
    20600 W 119th St, Olathe, KS 66061, United States
    Saturday 3:00 AM
Title: Gluttony | Temperance
Scripture: Proverbs 23:1-8, 17-21
Speaker: Nathan Miller,

>> Our hunger can never be satisfied with food.
The glutton eats for himself, and his mission is to gratify his own appetites. His mission is “pleasure first,” and he orders the rest of his life around that goal. His god is his belly, and he serves it faithfully.
-Rebecca DeYoung
"A glutton is one who raids the icebox for a cure for spiritual malnutrition."
- Frederick Buechner

>> Food can be redeemed
- Pursue contentment with daily bread
- Delight in community and celebration
- Always bring Christ to the table
Conversation Starters – Olathe Campus
Date: June 18, 2017
Text: Proverbs 23:1-5
Title: Gluttony | Temperance

TAKEAWAY: What was the most memorable part of this sermon for you?
GETTING STARTED: What do you think about this statement: “We have made gluttony our cultural motto, but ultimately, it doesn’t work. We will continue to starve spiritually”? Do you agree or disagree? Where do you see gluttony in your own life?
SCRIPTURE: Read Proverbs 23:1-5. Put this short passage in your own words – what is the author warning us against? How is this warning applicable to you right now?
DIGGING DEEPER: Think about a time when you intentionally said “no” to pleasure – through a fast, a diet, a budget, etc. How did that go? What were the results? How have you been changed?
NEW PERSPECTIVES: Two remedies for gluttony are fasting and feasting. How does celebration destroy gluttony? How can you incorporate this discipline into your spiritual life?
PRAYER: Name a specific prayer request in your journey to turn your gluttony into temperance. Pray for these together.

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