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God's Verbs and Ours
Sermon Guide for July 5th, 2020
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God’s Verbs and Ours
This is Us
Ephesians 1:3-14
Verb 1 God blessed
I am blessed. I swim in divine blessing. How’s that for the start of the formation of who you are (identity formation)? Joshua Heschel said: “The essence of faith is memory. To believe is to remember.” Remembering the blessings of God in times like these is an act of faith. Remembering whose we are is an act of trust in God. It’s a way of expressing our allegiance and loyalty to God.
Verb 2 God chose us
What comfort have you from knowing that God picked you before you knew there was going to be a you? Try not to smile too wide. Your teeth may show! “I like you. I really like you!” Signed: God.
Verb 3 God destined us
You are not made from a predetermined blueprint. You are made from abundance of joy and love.
Verb 4God bestowed
I am graced. Let me count the ways.
Verb 5 God lavished
You never thought you’d get here. But now that God has lavished redemption, forgiveness, and grace on you, what do you have to say? What changes do you need to make? Who will help you? The forgiver needs extra grace. The more of it she gives the more grace abounds!
Verb 6 God made known
He tells us his plan because we are his friends. I call you friends. A friend of God who’s in on his plans. Like Moses! Like Abraham! Like David! Like Jesus! Ask away. Dream. Receive what you need to know!
Verb 7 God gathers us
7 verbs. Do you have a favorite? Where is resonance? Where is dissonance?

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