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June 3, 2017 Saturday Night @ TFC
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  • Trinity Faith Church @ 10:30 AM
    2264 S Kansas Ave, Liberal, KS 67901, USA
    Saturday 5:30 PM, Sunday 10:30 AM
Saturday Night @ TFC!
Trinity Faith now has a Service on Saturday Night! "Saturday Night @ TFC!" This service offers you the opportunity to come and enjoy a time of worship with a little different type of music and an evening time for another option to fit your weekend schedule. Invite your friends who work Sundays, who cannot come to a morning service, or who are looking for something with a younger style of worship, but with the same friendly and supporting body of believers. We are expecting to see many new additions to the TFC family through this ministry, and we long to see more success in our mission of "Reaching and Embracing Area Families".
Men's Work Day
June 17, starting at 8:00 AM, there will be a work day at the church to take care of the building and some small projects. Show up at 7:30 for coffee and pastry to fill up on fuel, caffeine and some fellowship, and then get ready for some light work on the facility.

Call the office 620-624-5729 or George McNitt (620) 391-1061 for more information.
I. The children of Israel had just accomplished something once thought

after the death of Moses, Joshua led them to their first victory in battle as they attempted to claim the Promised Land as their own.
II. The people of Israel transgressed, or turned away from the covenant that they had made with God!

He had promised to “give” them victory over anyone that came against them in Promised Land! All that they had to do was obey His instructions! But they didn’t!—at least, one of them didn’t, and it brought consequences to the entire nation!
III. That is something that I think we often miss, regarding the actions and choices we make:

Our actions and choices, whether good or bad, reflect on our God!
IV. This incredible story offers great insight into the nature of sin and the holiness of God; there are four very valuable lessons to be learned here;

V. Not only does this story remind us that God demands obedience, it secondly teaches us that SIN ALWAYS HAS CONSEQUENCES.
VI. Third, this passage shows us that SIN MUST BE DEALT WITH!
VII. There is one more lesson for us in this story that should be noted;

Any discussion of this text would be incomplete, if we did not see how God’s people are to be reminded of THE SOURCE OF THEIR TROUBLE.
VIII. Sin has far-reaching effects!

And lest you think that you have done a grand job of hiding and concealing your sin, consider Numbers 32.23: “…be sure your sin will find you out.”
IX. Abraham Lincoln once said, “"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

--I would just add to what Honest Abe said,
“You can’t fool God anytime!”

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