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Under New Management: Caring People
Interim Pastor Neal Nybo
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  • StoneBridge
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    Saturday 11:59 PM

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Why can some of the most religious people seem to be the least caring? We meet some of these folks in our story today. And, we find a practical step we can take to become more caring and more like Jesus.
What would a caring person do right now?
Our step towards Christ is to regularly ask ourselves this question and then seek to apply the answer. When we do this, we develop, not just the freedom but the ability to become more and more the people we want to be and on our way to becoming more like Jesus. And, other people may be helped and happier as well.

More about tax collectors and sinners

The term "tax collectors and sinners" gets used often in the four gospels. Here is a little more about the people it refers to.

More about Pharisees

We may be surprised by what we learn about this group of people called Pharisees who traditionally play the role of antagonists in the four gospels.
1. What has been your understanding of A. Tax collectors and sinners, B. Pharisees?
2. Describe a time of need when someone was a caring person to you.
3. Describe a challenging or surprising situation you had in the past with someone.
4. What might you have done or said differently if you had asked what would a caring person do right now?
5. How might the church’s efforts to reach young families be positively impacted if even half the congregation adopted the habit of asking this question?
Next step:
"What would a caring person do right now?" Keep this question in your thoughts this week and ask it when you have encounters with others. Track how asking it changes some of your interactions and responses.

On Saturday, July 11th from 5:30-6:30pm join us at StoneBridge and receive the Sacrament of Communion via drive-thru! This will also be a great opportunity to come wish Pastor Cynthia farewell before she moves to North Carolina to take on a position as campus chaplain at St. Andrew’s University.

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