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Rooting Out Our Sin
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    311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
James 4:1-10 (Pg 979 / 1883) Rooting Out Our Sin
I) Other people or situations do not ___________ our sin. We do.
II) James encourages us to dig deeper and look at ________________ in our heart.
A) Every sinful action ________ with a sinful desire in our heart.
B) Our sinful desires are often good things that have become more _____________________ to us than God
1) _______________: a longing for influence or recognition.
2) _______________: a longing to have everything go according to my plan.
3) _________________: a longing for pleasure or a life without suffering.
4) ___________________: a longing to be accepted or desired.
C) Similar sins may be caused by different desires. If we want to root out the behavior, we must address the __________ desire.
D) General questions to think about this week: ⌘
When you’re angry, what are you not getting that you want?
When you’re anxious, what is threatened?
When you’re despondent, what have you lost or failed at?
What do you think you need to have? “I’d be happy if only I could have . . .”

E) When you sin, here are some questions that help get at the root desire.⌘
What did you think you needed?
What or whom were you trusting?
Whom were you trying to please?
Whose opinion of you counted?
⌘ Based on questions found in You Can Change by Tim Chester
III) When we fail, we must strive to . . .
A) Feel the ____________ of our sin and desires so we will do the hard work of becoming aware of and rooting our sinful desires.
B) Remember Christ’s unconditional ______________.
C) ________________ to God and resist the devil and evil desires.
D) Remember believers have the Holy Spirit ____________ of us. He will empower us!
“Our problem is not the natural desires God wrote into our character at creation, the desires [for love, for order, for pleasure] that make us human. Our problem is desires which struggle against God’s control. . . . Human desires are evil and sinful, not because we desire unnatural things, but because our desires are inordinate.” John Calvin