First Southern Baptist Church of Coalinga
Worship Service - Mother's Day, May 14, 2017
Worship Service Message Outline and Scriptures for Sunday, May 14, 2017
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  • First Southern Baptist Church of Coalinga
    297 Washington St, Coalinga, CA 93210, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
Mother’s, your mission if you choose to accpt it is the following…There is a secret society, undisclosed to many, whose mission is to lower the birth of children around the world, using the deadliest weapon the world has ever experienced. If this weapon is not contained, millions will die without knowing the cause of what killed them! There is very little time to stop this catastrophic event! I can assure you that there is a “Promise” that will beat this secret society and it involves you! Good luck! This message will self-destruct in 3 seconds!
As we continue to study about individuals in the book of Genesis, I want us to consider today, on Mother’s Day, four different Mom’s, who were used to carry out a special promise. It begins with Eve, The Mother of All Living.
Eve: The serpent tempted Eve in the garden to sin against God. Having realized her sin, God promised to provide a son that would crush and therefore, defeat the deceiving serpent and provide a way of redemption from the punishment of sin for all mankind!
Eve bore a son Cain, thinking He was that deliverer, but the Redeemer was to come through her third son, Seth. Eve held on tightly to the Word of God. All mother’s should do the same!
Now let’s look at Sarah, The Mother of Faith

Sarah: Sarah at the age of 99 was promised that she would have a son!
Sarah kept the integrity of her faith, because she judged God and was faithful to keep His promise.
As Sarah was faithful, so should all mom’s remain faithful today! Mothers hold on to God in faith relying on Him as your rock. What He says is truth.
Now let’s look at Rebekah, The Mother of Wisdom
Rebekah: Rebekah was promised two sons!
Rebekah remembered what God told her, that the oldest child will serve the younger one. After Jacob, her younger son, had deceived or stolen from his older brother, Esau, twice, Rebekah used wisdom to step in to protect Jacob from being killed by Esau and protected Jacob from killing Esau to protect himself.
As Rebekah used wisdom to keep the promise alive, so should all moms seek God’s wisdom!
Finally, let’s consider Rachel, The Mother of Prayer.
Rachel: Rachel and her older sister, Leah, were married to Jacob, but Rachel was barren and Leah was fertile. It was a shame in the culture of that day, for a woman not to be able to bear children, but God remembered Rachel and opened her womb and gave her two sons, Joseph and Benjamin. Rachel had prayed to God and committed her burden to Him, for God had “listened” to her plea.
As Rachel was a praying woman, she acknowledged God, praising Him with a thankful heart, so should all moms be prayerful and thankful.
Now, if you notice, there was no mention of a Promise being made to Rachel, but there was an unknown promise being carried out through each of these women we have mentioned. For each one was being used as vessels of God to bring forth the Messiah, the Deliverer, the Savior, Jesus according to the promise God made in Genesis 3:15!
Mothers there is a Promise that you’ve been given, as referred to in the introduction to this message. So, let’s answer the following questions generated from that introduction:
1. What is the “Promise”? – The Promise of Genesis 3:15 was that a child would come that would defeat the serpent and the serpent would bruise that child’s heel in the process. That promise was fulfilled in Jesus’ death and resurrection.
2. What is the “Secret Society”? – Satan and his army of darkness, whom most in the world deny with complete unbelief.
3. What is the “Deadliest Weapon”? – The weapon of deceit.
4. Who are the children? People who need to be born again in Christ! Millions will die a “second death” as described in the Bible. They will be eternally judged for their sin in an ever burning lake of fire!
Your mission now, as Mothers, and Women is unique to you…if you choose to accept it!
But this mission that is truly not impossible goes beyond just Mothers. Every Christian, Woman or Man, are called to train up children to follow the Lord. To teach them about the Messiah, the Promised One.
No one has to be physically a Mom to teach the next generation. God calls on all of us to.
So as Christian Women and Men, promote the Promise protected throughout the ages, as the Women of Genesis protected the Messiah who had been promised, who would come through the births of their children. Promote and Protect the Promise of the One who has come to defeat that secret society of darkness, that people in the world might be born again in Christ. Women I encourage you to invest in other women, that you may train up the next generation of women to follow God after you. Help to conquer this darkness of death. This is not an impossible mission!

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