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Harvest Raleigh

10 AM: "Prayer that Causes Prison Break" Acts 12:1-17

10 AM: "Prayer that Causes Prison Break" Acts 12:1-17

Our weekly worship service in our Go In Power sermon series in Acts.

Locations & Times

Harvest Raleigh Church

2817 Spring Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616, USA

Sunday 10:00 AM

"Prayer that Causes Prison Break" Acts 12:1-17
Pastor Mike Willis
Big Idea: God loves to show off his presence, power and provision when we pray.
1. God hears our earnest prayers (1-5).
Prayer must have in balance two equal realities about God:
God’s omnipotence (power) and God’s sovereignty (will/plan).

Healthy prayer knows God is both powerful and has a plan.
- We know God is omnipotent so we pray trusting His power.
- We know God is sovereign so we pray submitting to His will.
2. God rescues us when we pray (6-11).
When you are praying for something, you be ready for God’s rescue:
- Wake up to God’s presence (7)
- Chains come off so leave them off (7)
- Get dressed (8) for action (8)
- Follow God out (9-10)
- Praise God personally (11)
3. God grows our faith through prayer (12-17).

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