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The Ways God Reveals Himself To Us
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2 Chronicles 17-20 (Pg 356/692): Ways God Speaks
I) God reveals himself through the ________________.
A) Teaching God’s ____________ developed the fear of the Lord in Jehosphat’s day.
B) All scripture is God ______________. It reveals God & his will.
C) God uses the Bible to ___________ himself to believers today to help them grow.
1) Scripture teaches us about _____________ and his ways.
2) Scripture rebukes ____________________ teaching.
3) Scripture points out ________________ behavior and challenges us to correct it.
4) Scripture ________________ us in righteousness.
II) God reveals himself through __________ Christians.
A) Jehoshaphat sought God’s guidance from the _____________ Micaiah.
B) God can reveal his will to us through _____________ people.
C) Ultimately, we need to do what God calls _________ to do not just what wise people tell us to do.
D) Wise Christians’ advice should always ______________ up with scripture.
III) God reveals himself through ________________.
A) Jehoshaphat calls all of Israel to ____________ and pray for God’s direction.
B) God answered Jehoshaphat prayer through another _________.
C) During prayer, God often puts thoughts in our ___________ or impressions on our ______________.
D) We need to ______________ the spirits and make sure what we are sensing is in line with God’s word.
IV) God revels himself through circumstances.
A) God’s prophecy that Ahab would be killed was accomplished by a seemingly ________________ shot.
B) God’s _____________ will ultimately be revealed to us through our circumstances.
C) Not all opportunities are in line with God’s _____________.
V) God ultimately reveals himself through ____________ Christ.