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CrossWay Church - Battle Ground, WA

Holy Spirit Empowered Growth

Holy Spirit Empowered Growth

Locations & Times

CrossWay Church Battle Ground

311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA

Sunday 10:00 AM

Eze. 36:24-27 (806/1349) Holy Spirit Fueled Growth
I) God will gather his people from captivity.
A) Ezra and Nehemiah record the initial ____________________ of Israel.

B) The New Testament makes it clear that the promised land is more than geography it also refers to God’s heavenly __________.

C) Jesus fulfilled this passage when he freed us from the ______________ of sin.

II) God will ______________ his people from their sin.
A) Ezekiel prophesied the ______________ work of Jesus Christ.

B) God also desires that we grow more like Christ. This process is called sanctification.

III) God _______________________ his people.
Regeneration: The concept is of God renovating the heart, the core of a person’s being, by implanting a new principle of desire, purpose, and action, a dispositional dynamic that finds expression in positive response to the gospel and its Christ. - JI Packer Concise Theology

A) God gives believers a new ___________________.
1) Without God, we have a heart of stone that is ________________________ to him.

2) God places a new heart in believers with new ______________.
3) How does this apply to me?
a) God has already put ______________ desires in our hearts.

b) If we want to grow, we need to learn to ________________ and listen to these new desires and the Holy Spirit.

B) God’s _______________ lives within believers!
1) The Holy Spirit reveals our ___________.

2) The Spirit teaches us _____________.

3) The Spirit ________________ believers to grow!

a) Our growth is a combination of our human ___________ and the Spirit’s _____________.

b) The Spirit is the one that does the _____________ lifting.

4) How does this apply to me?
a) No matter how weak they feel, believers can know that God is at ______________ in our lives.

b) No matter how much sin seems to grip our hearts, believers know that some day they will be totally ____________ from it.

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