The Summit Church
Discussion Guide - Week 3
Locations & Times
  • Thursday 6:30 PM
How have you assumed God is like you? Share a specific example with your group.
What consequences have you experienced from placing God in a box?
Describe the emotional experience of a time in which you broadened your previously held views of God.
Read through the following scriptures, paying attention to Jonah's expectations and God's responses to Nineveh and Jonah.

How might you compare today's world to Nineveh?
We learn through this story that God is Just and Merciful, possibly even more than we are comfortable with. How do you find yourself agreeing with Jonah, that God might be "overboard" with His mercy?
In light of tense current events, what specific ways do you need to shift into God's image instead of trying to shift Him into yours?
Close in prayer, asking God to help you go Overboard on behalf of others!