Oasis Church at The Wharf
The Book of Jonah - Jonah's Run
Jonah 1:1-17
Locations & Times
  • Oasis Church at The Wharf
    4700 Main St, Orange Beach, AL 36561, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
3) Why would Jonah run from God?
a) Pride - "I don't have to."
b) Preference - "I don't want to."
c) Prejudice - "I don't like them."
d) Perverted view - "God, I don't get You."
e) Past disappointments - "God I don't like You right now."
4) Why is running from God futile? (Jonah 1:4-17)
a) God's presence - He is all present (Omnipresent)
b) God's power - He is all powerful (Omnipotent)
c) God's knowledge - He is all knowing (Omniscient)
d) God's love - He is all loving
e) God's law - God is just and will judge all

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