CrossWay Church - Battle Ground, WA
Repentance Fueled Growth
Locations & Times
  • CrossWay Church Battle Ground
    311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
2 Co. 7:8-13 (938 / 1798) Repentance Fueled Growth
I) Our sins will be ___________________ to us.
A) God uses Paul’s __________ to point out sin in the Corinthians lives.
1) Paul was ____________. He knew that he needed to address this. Yet, he also knew his words would sting.
2) Paul’s goal was to have the Corinthians grow ___________ to God.
3) God will use ______________ to show us our sin.
Who are the people in your life that God maybe using to show you sin? Are you open to their feedback?
4) God may also call you to ____________ out sin in others lives.
Who could God be calling you to reveal sin to? What will your posture be?
B) The _________ ____________ also reveals our sin to us.
How can you be more open to the Holy Spirit’s conviction? What things is He convicting you of?
II) ___________________ sorrow and false repentance.
A) We are sorry that we got caught and hate the painful ___________________ of our sin.
B) We work hard to _________________ our actions.
1) We blame ______________ rather than looking at our own sin.
*It says: I did ________ because they did _______.
2)) We also tend to blame our sin on our ___________________.
*It says: I did ___________ because of ___________ .
How do you tend to justify your actions?
III) ___________ Sorrow and True Repentance
A) Earnestness, Concern, Eagerness to clear yourself: Our hearts are _______________ over our sin and we want to take it seriously.
B) Indignation and Alarm: We hate our sin and realize how much our sin has ___________________ our lives and others.
C) Readiness For Justice: We know we deserve to God’s _________________ for it.
D) True Repentance always reminds us that _____________ redeemed us from our sins.
What type of sorrow do you experience more of?