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Reconciled To Reconcile
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    Sunday 10:00 AM
What does it mean to be the church?

What does it look like to live on mission as the church?
As the body of Christ we are called to build bridges:

* Vertically

* Horizontally
Our greatest expression of mission as the body of Christ is extending God's bridge building mission through the ministry of reconciliation.
Reconciliation is all about relationships.

As those who have been reconciled to God, our foundation and model for all relationships is our vertical relationship.
>>> The essence of reconciliation is God reaches out through Jesus to builds a bridge between Him and us.
The concise statement of the gospel is bringing healing to estrangement between God and us and between us and others around us.

“With only 3 nails and 2 pieces of wood, with one rugged cross, Jesus built a bridge” (Phil Cross)
>>> Our expression of reconciliation is that we take on bridge building as a lifetime mission.
For men and women living in God’s kingdom and living as members of the body of Christ, the church, expression of reconciliation becomes a lifetime mission.

We preach and teach reconciliation. We live out reconciliation.

Let's live everyday as bridge builders for God's kingdom. We are the church gathered - we are the church scattered.