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Seeing Jesus in the Resurrection
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Late on the Sabbath, into the early morning of the first day of the week, The Resurrection unfolds
Mary Magdalene and Mary the Mother of James and Salome are coming to the tomb with spices they have prepared for Jesus’ burial, The Roman soldiers are guarding the tomb, and the angel is descending to roll the stone away.

There is an earthquake as the angel rolls away the stone and sits on it – The soldiers fall like dead men for fear and leave to go to tell the chief priests what has happened.
The women arrive to a confusing scene. They are alone, they think, the stone is rolled away and the tomb is empty.

Mary Magdalene runs back and tells Peter and John, “They have taken away the
Lord out of the tomb and we don’t know where they have laid Him.”
Mary runs back to the tomb where she meets the angels who tell her Jesus is risen and is alive.

The angels tell her to tell the disciples – so, she runs back and tells the disciples who don’t believe her. Eventually Peter and John run to the tomb to see for themselves – they enter the tomb and find it empty and are struck with wonder. They “saw and believed.” (vs 8)

But the first appearance is to Mary (13-17) First appearance Mary – Teacher

Mary Runs back to say she has seen Jesus risen but the hearers do not believe her.

Mary rejoins the other women and they are greeted together by Jesus – they all go back to tell the disciples they have seen Jesus but again are not believed.

Jesus makes many appearances to different disciples including Peter and then he appears to them while they are together. Eventually they all come to believe.
Christ has gone into Heaven – He is seated with His Father – We have the Hope of Eternity
Is Jesus Christ your Lord? Bring Everything to Him - He has Resurrection power over all that pertains to you - All power is given unto me; I have overcome the world (John 16:33)
Jesus is Mighty to Save – He is Forever
· We Are Saved to the Uttermost - Forever
· We are His
There is Abundant Grace for us through the Resurrection
Do you need “abundant Grace” to be upon you?
We Are Born Again to a Living Hope through the Resurrection
· We need a fresh outpouring of God’s mercy
· We need new life
· We need a fresh infusion of hope
· We need the power of the resurrection applied to us