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Seeing Jesus - At the Cross
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The Soldiers – Matter of Fact – They Didn’t Know What They Were Doing
The Crowds and the Mourning Women -
The Rulers and the People – Forgot All They Had Seen
The Two Malefactors / The one was redeemed for what he saw and said
Jesus’ Mother, John and the Others - Stood Faithfully By & Moved Closer When They Could
Centurion – Changes in Nature and How Jesus Died – Believed What He Could See
Multitudes – Came for the “spectacle” and were perhaps the first to repent
“Beating their Breasts - In token of alarm, fear, and anguish. They saw the judgments of God; they saw the guilt of the rulers; and they feared the farther displeasure of the Almighty.” Barnes Notes on the New Testament
Peter Spoke to These Same People on the Day of Pentecost