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Recap: Our words have the power of life or death (Proverbs 18:21). When negative words are spoken to us or by us they wound us and others. We looked at the words of Jesus’ ½ brother James, in James 3, when he talked about how our words are powerful. Like a ship with a rudder, they steer our whole lives. Like a forest that is set on fire by a small ember, our lives (and those around us) can be scorched by our words. And it doesn’t seem like it can be tamed, but it should not be! Although it can’t be fully tamed, it can be controlled as we are quick to listen, and slow to speak.
1. Can you recall negative words said about you? What was said that sticks out to you? Can you recall positive words said about you? Which is easier?
2. “Words aren’t equally weighted”. How have you seen that in your life? Either the kind of words, who said them and the impact they had on you, or the time it took you to get over certain words?
3. Read James 3:2-9. What’s the one or two things that stick out to you from these verses? Why?
4. How have you seen words in your life or in someone else’s life steer your/their life?
5. Where (or with who) are your words most apt to create a forest fire in your life?
6. What steps can you take to be quick to listen and slow to speak this week? Maybe say this simple prayer: “God, how do you want me to respond?” BEFORE you respond.
7. Where do you need to confess to God or others because of your words?
Pick someone this week and use your words to bring life not death to that person.


Check out this reading plan from Andy Stanley, and NorthPoint Ministries this week:


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