Kalamazoo First Assembly of God
Empowered Week 5: “There aren't no strings on me”
Many Christ-followers could give a good description of God, the Father and give an understanding of Jesus, the Son, but what about the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit may be the most misunderstood Person of the Godhead (the Trinity). We get glimpses of Him throughout the Bible as wind, smoke, fire, a dove, etc. but misunderstand His necessity. Who is the Holy Spirit? How important is the Holy Spirit? Jesus himself said in Acts chapter 1, that, before the church could move forward, they needed to be EMPOWERED. They were not to be empowered with a “what” but a “who.” And that “who” is the Holy Spirit. Join us in March as we begin a six-week series in the book of Acts as we study the Holy Spirit’s empowerment of the Church and how He wants to empower our lives today.
Locations & Times
  • Kfirst
    5550 Oakland Dr, Portage, MI 49024, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
My praise invites God’s power into my place.

Everything we invest in our lives will come back with compound interest.

I respond in the darkness what I learned in the light.

The voice of the devil will always remind you who are not; The voice of the Holy Spirt will remind you who you are.

Instead of rallying people to your wounds, invite Jesus into your pain.

Don’t allow the condition of your surroundings to dictate the freedom of your heart.

The Holy Spirit works a breakthrough IN you so that He can deliver a breakthrough THROUGH you.

Don’t restrict the move of God to just to yourself.

Praise gives us great expectation, Kingdom perception, and reminds us of our position in him.



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