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Under New Management: Hoops and Nets
Pastor Neal Nybo
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What does the greatest basketball coach of the 20th century have to do with Jesus invitation to follow him? John Wooden and Jesus have Influence in common. Both invited young men into their domain, Wooden to basketball, Jesus to the Kingdom of God. The people they invited thought the invitation was the chance of a lifetime. This week we discuss what it means to us that “The Kingdom of God has come near.
God’s influence through God’s people over God’s place.
1. God's Influence.
God’s strength and character, his power, come across today as influence. That’s not to say his kingdom is diminished in any way. In fact, influence is one of the most powerful motivators in the world today.

About John Wooden

Wooden’s coaching philosophy did not focus on winning – the very thing that marked UCLA as the best college team for two decades. His emphasis? Character. Here is a brief summary of John Wooden's career, including his perspective on success and faith.

Dallas Willard speaks about God's Kingdom

Dallas Willard is a mentor to many including Pastor Neal. Here he speaks briefly about starting to think about the Kingdom of God. While he begins by talking to pastors, his message is for everyone.
1. Growing up, what person or what setting had a significant, positive influence on you?
2. Right now, if your situation allowed, who would you seek out to be influenced by?
3. In pursuit of that person’s influence, which of these would you be willing to do: Watch a Ted Talk? Take an online class? Travel to take a class? Travel and spend significant time away?
4. What is it about that person that makes you willing to go to that level of investment to learn from them?
2. God's People.
The choice is simple and obvious. There is no better option. That is what Jesus wants the world to know about God’s kingdom. And, the message is lived out in the lives of, and delivered by, ordinary people who choose to live under the influence of God's kingdom.
3. God's Place.
God’s influence begins in the human heart, but it will one day extend to the ends of the earth.
POINTS 2 & 3
1. Pick any current situation in the world today. Give an example of how it is being or not being impacted by God’s people?
2. Consider the Black Lives Matter protests. Is it possible for faithful Christians to try to bring God’s influence into the world by protesting? By counter protesting? By not protesting?
3. Consider COVID-19. How might faithful Christians think they are bringing God’s influence into the world by honoring COVID-19 health guidelines? By not honoring COVID-19 health guidelines?
4. On a scale of one to ten, how upset are you after talking about these questions? Why?
5. As God’s people seeking to bring God’s influence into the world, are these important questions to ask? Why or why not?
6. These topics warrant strong feelings and opinions. Despite your personal feelings and opinions, how can Christians have a positive influence in the world?
Next step:
Among the Growth Group/ Personal Reflection questions, pick one topic, question, or answer that has particularly stood out to you. This week, pray to God asking “Lord, how do you want to influence me regarding this?”

Simi Valley’s Samaritan Center serves the homeless and most disenfranchised in our community. For everyone’s health and safety, for the time being, the Samaritan Center has discontinued it’s free, nightly dinners. Instead, they are asking for $5 and $10 gift card donations to restaurants like Subway, Carl’s Jr., Tommy’s Burgers, Taco Bell, etc. Every evening, gift cards will be distributed to those in need. Help by purchasing gift cards and sending them to StoneBridge Church (4832 Cochran St. 93063). On behalf of our church, we will make sure that the cards are safely delivered to the center.

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