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The Perfect Plan?
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The Perfect Plan?
Judges 3:12-31
Mitchell Cruit
I. How does God deliver his people?

a. The Setting (v. 12-14)

b. The Tension (v.15-16)

c. The Anti-Climax (v.17-19a)

d. The Climax (v.19b.-26)

e. The Resolution (v. 27-30)

f. The Epilogue (v. 31)

This text is tailored to teach us that God delivers his people in ________ _______.
II. What difference does this reality make?
a. God will deliver ______ in unlikely ways, so trust in the _______ of his deliverance rather than the _______ of his deliverance.
b. God _______ unlikely _________ in unlikely ways, so __________ that God will use ______ for his ________ not your own.
c. God delivers his people in unlikely ways _________ through the ________ of ________ _________.