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A Man Who Can Lead
A Special Father's Day Message from Pastor Bill
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Welcome to Eastern Hills Baptist Church
We are so glad that you decided to join us in worship today. Here at Eastern Hills we realize that we are all in different places on our journey with Christ, and that's okay. Whether you are a seeker, looking for answers, or a long-time follower of Christ, you are welcome here.

1) We must be men with godly commitments.

2) We must be men with godly character.

3) We must be men with godly convictions.

“…blamelessness refers not to perfection but to a pattern of life against which no charge of wrong can be brought. Such a person, having committed a sin, immediately seeks forgiveness and enacts restitution, if needed. Sinful behavior in a blameless person is recognized as an aberration, not a normalcy.”

-- Knute Larson, Holman New Testament Commentary

Discuss this as a family this week:

-- Why do you think it's important that someone who would lead at church would also be a leader in their home?
-- Look at the list of 11 character traits that Paul gave in Titus 1:7-8. Are there any that you have questions about?
-- How can our family show hospitality (especially care for a stranger) this week, even with the coronavirus restrictions?
-- What are some things that we can do as a family to "hold on" to the message of the Gospel during this time?

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