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Seeing Jesus - Praying
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    1085 Middle Rd, Rush, NY 14543, United States
    Domingo 10:00 AM
Jesus Prayed – An Amazing Thing in Itself – He Prayed Alone
Jesus Prayed Publicly to Build People’s Faith – Not For Show
Sometimes He spent the Night in Prayer – Sometimes He Got Up early
Prayer and Empowerment Are Connected – According to Your Preparation
The Principle of Preparation – Always Be prepared to be used by God
Jesus Taught Us To Pray – He Prayed, They Saw, & They Asked to be Taught
Jesus Prayed for Children – I wonder What He Prayed
Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer - Read John 17 Aloud – A Prayer of Preparation for Jesus and Us
Jesus Needed to Pray – If We Do Not Pray, We Will Not Make It
Jesus’ Last Prayers – The Next Time We Hear Him Pray is From The Cross
We Must Be people of Prayer - People Who Really Pray
In Some ways You Will Be Defined By Your Prayers – In Many Ways Jesus was