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A. Some stand “near the cross” only out of duty…
1. There were four soldiers on duty that day; they fulfilled their responsibilities by standing near the cross.

2. The four soldier divided the clothes among them.
3. The four soldiers threw dice for the seamless garment.
4. The four soldiers had become hardened by the duty they had to fulfill.
B. Some stand “near the cross” out of gratefulness…
1. Mary Magdalene, had been freed from demon possession.
2. Mary became a grateful follower and supporter of Jesus’ ministry.
3. Mary stood at the cross with a few others.
4. Mary was the first privileged to announce the resurrection of Jesus!
C. Some stand “near the cross” out of a loving commitment…
1. Salome, wife of Zebedee, was also the mother of James and John, the ‘Sons of Thunder’.
2. Salome was the mother who asked if her sons could have the prime seats with Jesus.
3. Salome heard the response of Jesus, and must have been giving thought to all of this as Jesus suffered.
4. Salome’s son James was the first martyr and her son, John, the last.
D. Some stand "near the cross" out of loyalty and a love relationship...
1. Mary, the mother of Jesus, stood there facing the suffering of her Son.
2. Mary must have reflected on the all the suffering she had faced up until this moment (the shame, the flight to Egypt, to release her Son, to stand by…).
3. Even if she did understand the message of His resurrection, to watch your Son suffer must have been beyond comprehension.
4. She stood as near as permitted so He would not suffer alone.
E. Some stand "near the cross" out of desire to fully follow, no matter what the cost...
1. John, the only disciple at the cross, stood with his mother.
2. John was standing “near the cross” after having followed at a distance.
3. John was entrusted with the greatest responsibility Jesus could give--the care of His mother.
4. John’s heart of love was evident once again!
F. What are your thoughts as you stand ‘near the cross?
1. Are you following out of duty?
3. Are you willing to give up expectations?
4. Are you willing to draw near even though it may cause pain?
5. Are you receiving forgiveness and grace with a grateful heart?
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