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Old As New: David & The Heart Of God
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We are introduced to David with this description: “a man after God’s own heart…”(1 Samuel 16:14)
Perhaps the reason he was described this way is because David was a worshipper.
-The Ark of the Covenant represented the physical manifestation of God here on earth
-David is leading a military contingent returning the Ark of the Covenant back to its home in Jerusalem after it had been captured in war
-David worships “with all his might”
-This story is not just how David worshipped but also Michal’s reaction to that worship
-This is about worship, showing the heart for God juxtaposed against a heart focused on self
Worship (David)
-Passionate (“with all his might”)
-Expressive (singing and dancing)
-God-centered (“I will celebrate before the Lord”)
-Concerned with the heart (“It was before the Lord”)
“Non-Worship” (Michal)
-Passive (“watched from a window")
-Held back (observing)
-Human-focused (“How the king of Israel has distinguished himself”)
-Concerned with appearances (“as any vulgar fellow would”)
The bottom line:
The heart of God moves me from observation to participation.

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