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All This Took Place #7: "I Will Build My Church"
Pastor Jeff Cheadle
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    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saturday 5:30 PM, Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
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    Simi Town Center Way, Simi Valley, CA 93065, USA
    Saturday 12:00 PM

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Commentary on Matthew 16.13-20

Allen Ross, "Peter’s Confession And Christ’s Church (Matthew 16.13-20)" from the series An Exposition of the Gospel of Matthew.

Authority in the Church: The Gospel of Matthew

John Martens, "Authority in the Church: The Gospel of Matthew" America: The Jesuit Review, January 13, 2011.


What is the Definition of Ecclesia? GotQuestions?

Matthew 14

Bob Utley, "Matthew 14" from the series The First Christian Primer: Matthew

James Tissot, "The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes" 1886-1896. Brooklyn Museum, New York City.

The Feeding of the Five Thousand

Allen Ross, "The Feeding of the Five Thousand" (Matthew 13-21
1. Jesus works…
1. Jesus works miracles through those whom he calls.
For reflection/discussion
For reflection/ discussion: (1) Why do you think Jesus tells his disciples to give the crowd something to eat, rather than send them away? (2) What miracles would you like to see Jesus perform in the world today? (3) How can Jesus use his church, and those of us who are members of it, to make those miracles begin to take place?

Ivan Aivazovsky, "Jesus Walks on Water" (1888). Private Collection.

Why is a Boat a Symbol for the Church?

Mark Ralls, "It's Not a Ship; It's a Boat" Faith and Leadership, March 10, 2014
2. Jesus protects…
2. Jesus protects and is present with those whom he calls.
For reflection/discussion
For reflection/discussion: (1) What is your initial response when you find yourself facing one of the storms of life? (2) How is Jesus present with us in life's storms? (3) How is the church like a boat? (4) Why do we, like Peter, tend to focus on the wind and the waves, rather than on Jesus?

James Tissot, detail of "Curses Against the Pharisees" (1886-96), Brooklyn Museum, New York.

The Traditions of the Elders

Allen Ross, "Matthew and the Traditions of the Elders" (Matthew 15.1-20) from the series An Exposition of the Gospel of Matthew
3. Jesus offends…
3. Jesus offends for the sake of those whom he calls.
For reflection/discussion
For reflection/discussion: (1) What are the "traditions of the elders" and where did they come from? (2) How do we decide the difference between a human tradition and the will of God? (3) What do the terms legalism and works righteousness mean? Why are they attractive to people? (4) Why were the Pharisees and Jesus at odds with one another? Would it have been possible for them to arrive at a compromise? (5) How does the unearned, undeserved gift of God's grace challenge our efforts at self-justification?

Saint Peter by Marco Zoppo depicts the saint holding the Keys of Heaven and a book representing the gospel

Peter's Confession and Christ's Church

Allen Ross, "Peter's Confession and Christ's Church" (Matthew 16.13-20) from the series An Exposition of the Gospel of Matthew
4. Jesus builds…
4. Jesus builds his church through the faith and faithful witness of those whom he calls.
For reflection/discussion
For reflection/discussion: (1) Who or what is "the rock" upon which Jesus will build his church? Is it Peter? Is it the faith Peter proclaims? Is it something else? (2) What are the keys to the kingdom of heaven and what do they lock and/or unlock? (3) What is the meaning of binding and loosing in Matthew 16.19? (4) Why does Jesus call Simon Peter "Satan" in Matthew 16.21-25? Did you catch the wordplay when Jesus calls Peter a "stumbling block"? (5) Why is Jesus' death on the cross and bodily resurrection an indispensable part of the proclamation of the church and a non-negotiable component of the Christian faith?
The cross isn't optional; it is everything.

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