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Loaners Not Owners: Using or Losing

A. The Owner entrusted his wealth…
1. The Owner gave varying amounts to three ‘loaners!’
2. The Owner gave in proportion to what he believed each ‘loaner’ could handle.
3. The Owner entrusted His money to each giving the same trust to all three!
All I have is His…I am the loaner, He is the Owner!
B. The 'loaners' were responsible for the money...
1. The 'loaner' with five gained five more.
2. The 'loaner' with two gained two more.
3. The 'loaner' with one...returned one!
All I have is His..I am the loaner, He is the Owner!
C. The response of the Owner...
1. Both 'loaners' who doubled their income received the same response, even though their amounts were different.
2. Both 'loaners' were rewarded as both had immediately used the money that was available to them.
3. The 'loaner' with the least was condemned for his lack of effort!
All I have is His... I am the loaner, He is the Owner!
D. The takeaway for all of us...
1. God is the one who determines what we have. So comparison will only leave you bitter or angry. Trust God to know what you can handle!
2. God holds us responsible for all He gives us, not just how we use His tithe!
3. God wants to celebrate our victories with us! WDG&F! Let’s C!!
4. God rewards those who wisely use His resources with more resources. His trust increases with our faithfulness!
All I have is His... I am the loaner, He is the Owner!
E. What was the 'loaner' missing...
1. He failed to have a clear understanding of God and God's expectations!
2. He focused on what he didn't have rather than on what he had.
3. He allowed fear to paralyze him.
4. He had little appreciation for what he was given.
5. He had no confidence in the Owner's trust.
6. He was lazy and unwilling to do the work needed to succeed.
8. He lost the Owner's trust, the Owner's potential for making a difference, and his relationship with the Owner!
Did he steal from the Owner?
Did he misuse what the Owner had given him?
Did he poorly invest what he was given?
No…he played it safe and simply did nothing!
He lost sight of the trust that was given him…as a loaner from the Owner!
All I have is His…I am the loaner, He is the Owner!
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