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January 29: State of the Church; Acts 2:42-47
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  • Gospel Community Church
    383 Fayette Pl, Fayetteville, GA 30214, United States
    Sunday 10:10 AM
Exhaustion often makes you lose site of what is important, it clouds sound judgment, and robs you of positive thinking.
At Gospel Community Church, we want to know the Bible and share life with others, bringing hope to Fayetteville and the world.
Hope is the confidence that I belong to God because of Jesus' work on the cross, a solid assurance that He is turning all my suffering into something good, and certainty that one day He will return to fix everything that is broken.
GCC desires to walk in financial health that is both sustainable and honoring to the Lord.
Sustainable: The ability to pay the “must” pay bills from our monthly giving while not dipping into other money or credit cards.
Honoring to the Lord: While paying our bills, we “want” to focus money on specific areas where we feel God is calling us to devote ourselves.
Total giving $118,843 (tithes/offering)
Rent 2016: $12,000
Total $131,783.68
Expenses: $138,000
Year end total: -$6,300
Tithe: down 9% (-$6,840)
Utilities: up 14% ($1,915)
Total Mission giving: down 43% (-$3,408)
This is why we created the 80/20 plan. It is a plan that implements our values of sustainability and honoring of the Lord by identifying the goals we believe God has called this church to specifically and lays out clear steps we can make as members to see it through.
We envision the members of Gospel Community Church building their lives on the Bible’s blueprint.
1) Sunday morning gatherings

2) Community groups

3) Men’s and women's groups

4) Sunday night studies

You can tithe online, here

We appreciate your offerings.

Our desire for the next five years is to see 75% of our members consistently building their lives on the Bible’s blueprint. We believe that as a result we will know the Bible, share life with others, and that will bring hope to Fayetteville and the world. Ultimately, we will experience exponential growth spiritually and numerically.

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