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REFUEL Mid-Week Bible Study (January 25th, 2017)
A casual, topical bible study to help "fill up your tank" in the middle of the week. Come as you are and dig deeper into the Word! • Coffee bar at 6:30 in the auditorium • Child Care (ages 6wks-5yrs) & Kids "Mid-Week Mania" (grades K-5th) provided
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    Wednesday 7:00 PM
[Week 3]
Obstacle #2:

Lesser Known Phobias:
Mysophobia = The fear of germs
Coulrophobia = The fear of clowns
Ablutophobia = Fear of bathing
Nomophobia = Fear of being without a mobile phone
Podophobia = The fear of feet
Pediophobia = The fear of dolls
Sidonglobophobia = The fear of cotton balls
Arachibutyrophobia = The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth

Types of Fear:
1. Irrational fears are based on perception.
2. Rational fears are based on reality.

Thanatophobia = The fear of death.

Did you know the Bible addresses this topic specifically?
Why do we fear death?
1. Means by which we will die
2. Our inability to sufficiently cope with it
3. Thoughts of finality
4. Fear of the unknown
Jesus died to pay for our sins and forever loose the chains of death that once suffocated us!

If it is hard for you to understand, you are not alone. Not even his disciples did at the time.

1. After Peter's confession
1. After Peter's confession
2. His words as the cross drew near
1. After Peter's confession
2. His words as the cross drew near
3. In the Garden again Peter defends Jesus
The disciples were not looking forward to a RESURRECTION, they were dreading their own EXECUTION.
The Honey Bee and Bruce Lee
The only way to overcome the "fear of death" is to take hold of the outstretched hand of the one who conquered death by taking it's one and only sting!
We are only able to really live when we are truly ready to die!