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Enough is Enough, Part 3: Enough Power
Can we give God control? Can we release our own power in surrender to his provision? Our most powerful stance before God is not wanting power. And in that, can we say He is enough for me? Thanks for joining us this morning as we wrap up "Enough is Enough."
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Our most powerful stance is not wanting power.
1. We all want power
-Give James and John credit. They had the guts to say what some of us only think: “Lord, we want power! Do whatever we say.”
-Instead of power, we can insert the words “control” or “independence”

2. There is never enough power
-Just like most everything else in our lives...we want more
-Beneath it all, we are desperate for significance, influence, authority

3. For Jesus, power is inverted
-Our view of power is centered on control, but the kingdom of God is centered around service (Mark 10:43-45)
-Greatness (power) was not reducing others to your service, but reducing yourself to their service
-For Jesus, power is found in dependence, humility, and weakness

As we come to the end of this series...the question is the same
-Is He enough for you?
-Is His power enough for you?
-His way?
-Can you trust Him enough to believe that you don’t have to scrape and claw for more?
Our most powerful stance is not wanting power.
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