Bent Tree Church
Reset - Part 3 Community Group Questions
Community Group Questions
Locations & Times
  • Bent Tree Church, Loveland
    1825 W 37th St, Loveland, CO 80538, USA
    Sunday 3:00 PM
1. Icebreaker: Share with your group the times that you made a major move (like from one state to another). What was difficult about it? What was easy about it? Have you ever moved somewhere sight-unseen? If so, what was that like?
2. What insight, principle, or observation from Sunday’s sermon/message did you find to be most helpful, eye opening, or troubling?
3. Read Genesis 12:1-9. The story of Abraham’s (Abram’s) call by God is a foundational story for many cultures as well as for Jewish, Christian, and Muslim people. Why was Abraham’s obedience to God’s call so impactful?
4. What would be difficult about God’s command/call in Gen. 12:1? Why did faith play such an important role in Abram’s obedience? Who or what did Abraham place his faith in? What made Abram’s faith impressive?
5. Blessed to be a blessing is a powerful theme in the life of Abraham (see God’s promise in Genesis 12:2-3). What do you think of when you hear someone say that they are “blessed?” How has God blessed your life? Count your blessings out loud to your group in 30 seconds. How many did you come up with?
6. The word “surrender” is an unpopular word. Brainstorm in your group what comes to your mind when you think about the act of surrender. Of those thoughts, how many of those ideas of surrender have a negative connotation? Why? Were there any positive responses?
7. What did God promise Abram? (Gen. 12:2-3) How would these promises begin the process of redemption? How were these promises fulfilled in Christ?
8. God’s promise to Abram was tested over and over again. Yet, the promise finally came true. God’s Word is full of promises for people who believe and follow God’s Word. Brainstorm as a group some of God’s promises in the Bible. Which one is your favorite? Why?
9. How can our group pray for you this week?