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Care For Our Souls - Part 2
Dan DeRoche | Psalm 103:4-5
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  • Crossview Church
    1000 E Riverview Expy, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494, USA
    Friday 7:05 PM

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Review of last weeks' Soul Comforts:
1) He forgives our iniquity (sin)
2) He heals our diseases (soul diseases)
Soul Comfort #3: He awakens us to new life
When we give our lives to Jesus Christ...
God pulls us out of death and into life

Soul Comfort #4: God REALLY loves us
When people forget this benefit...
There is a loneliness that takes place in their soul
God’s heart is moved with love for you
Soul Comfort #5: He renews the strength of your heart
“Unregenerate souls, like children who have lost both their parents, spend the rest of their lives trying to find what they are missing: security, the comforting love of mealtimes and bedtimes, knowing who you are and what your name is. There are no desires more heartbreaking or desperate than
the desires of an orphaned soul.” -Lee Eclov
You will find that He is:
• Righteous and just
• Compassionate and gracious
• Slow to anger
• Abounding in faithful love
You will find that He:
• Is not condemning or angry forever
• Does not deal with us like our sins deserve
• Does not repay us for our sinful behavior

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