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Blinded by the Light
We will study the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. We will start when he was first mentioned in the book of Acts and follow him through his first missionary journey. Paul, the guy who was the terrorist becomes one of the greatest teachers in the history of the church.
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Saul’s Life Before Meeting Christ (9:1-2)


The very air he was breathing was persecuting the church

This persecution involved more than threats – it involved murder

His ACTIONS (v2)

Saul went to the High Priest who was the head of the Sanhedrin and viewed by the Romans as the head of the Jewish State

He asked for letters granting him permission to enter any synagogue and arrest any found who were followers of Christ

Followers of Jesus were now called “The Way” which was most likely a reference to Jesus saying he was the “way” (John 14:6)

This included pursuing them to Damascus (140 miles away) which was the capitol of Syria and had a large Jewish population
How Saul Met Christ (9:3-9)

The REVELATION to Saul (v3-7)

There was a light (3-4a)

This light was from heaven and was the very glory of God in Christ (this occurred at noon according to Acts 22:6)

This light was so intense it caused Paul and his entire entourage of temple guards (Acts 26:14) to fall to the ground

There was a voice (v4b-9)

Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?

God knew who Saul was and what He was doing
By persecuting the church, Saul was persecuting Christ

I am Jesus whom you are persecuting

Saul asked, “Who are you, Lord?”
Jesus confirms what Saul know – it is Christ
Repeating “whom you are persecuting” shows guilt

It is hard for you to kick against the goads (Acts 26:14)

Common expression coming from farmers goading their oxen with a stick that had a point on the end of it – the more the oxen stubbornly kicked at the goad the more the paint jabbed into the animal

How had Saul been kicking at Christ’s goading? words/life of Jesus; Stephen’s preaching/death; the courageous faith of the Christians he persecuted

Get up; enter the city; it will be told you what you must do
The AFTERMATH (v8-9)

The entourage with Saul was speechless, seeing the light and hearing the voice but not seeing any person

The result on Saul was physical blindness; he has his men lead him into Damascus where for 3 days he has no food or drink

During this time Paul is praying (9:11)

During this time God showed him the calling and purpose He had placed on his life (Acts 26:16-18) and that Ananias would lay hands on him so he could see (9:12)
How Saul’s Life Changed After Meeting Christ (9:10-18)

The HEART of Ananias (10-16)

Ananias is described in Acts 22:12 as “devout and respected” and was most likely one of the leaders in the church at Damascus; In a vision the Lord tells him to go meet Saul

(v13-16) Ananias questions this command knowing Saul’s purpose for coming to Damascus); God assures him that He has a great calling on Saul (a chosen instrument who will bear His name before Jews/Gentiles/Kings)

God calling on Saul’s life would also involve suffering for Jesus (this suffering is described by Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:23-28)
The HEALING of Saul (v17-18)

Obediently, Ananias goes, lays hand on Saul and Saul received sight and was filled (controlled) with the Holy Spirit

Saul was then baptized (probably by Ananias) and then ate

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