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MADE FOR THIS: What's the Real Problem? Is There a Solution?
Discussion Guide - Week 2
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  • Thursday 6:30 PM
Share about a time you were trying to solve a problem, only to discover you weren't actually addressing the REAL problem.
The true problem is independence from God. How do you see this reflected in each of the following passages?

Discuss this thought from St. Augustine from the 4th/5th century: Since God is good and the Creator of all things, evil is not a thing, but the absence of a thing (God).
American culture celebrates independence as a virtue. How has this aspect of our world shaped you? How does it affect your relationship with God?

The solution to this problem is living In Dependence on God. How did Jesus explain this reliance in the following passage?
When life is normal and all is well, humanity's bend is toward independence. How have you seen the sense of dependence grow during times of hardship or uncertainty?

Examining your life through a variety of circumstances, how dependent on God are you, ...really?

What is one area of your life that you will commit to surrendering dependence to God this week?