CrossWay Church
May 17, 2020: Ephesians 4:1-6 - Learning to walk in faith
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
Locations & Times
  • CrossWay Church Battle Ground
    311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM
Ephesians 4:1-6: Learning to walk in faith

I) All believers have received a calling from the Lord. (Eph. 4:1)

A) Believers part of the ___________ of God through Christ.

B) Believers are called to learn how to ___________ in faith.

1) Believers are called to love Christ and make him the _________ of who they are.

2) Believers are called to love people especially other _____________.

II) Characteristics of walking in faith. (Eph. 4:2-6)

A) __________________
Tim Keller: Because the essence of gospel-humility is not thinking more of myself or thinking less of myself, it is thinking of myself less. . .The truly gospel-humble person is a self-forgetful person whose ego is just like his or her toes. It just works. It does not draw attention to itself. The toes just work; the ego just works. Neither draws attention to itself.

What is the tone of the people you listen to? Is it puffy and prideful or humble?

What is your own tone or attitude towards others?

B) ____________. Gentleness is a controlled strength that displays a tenderness towards others.

How gentle are you? Who do you struggle to be gentle to the most?

C) _______________ with circumstances and others.
Kyle Snodgrass: Patience is the exercise of a largeness of soul that can endure annoyances and difficulties over a period of time.
What are some of your emotional land mines? What things can easily set you off?

What do you fear most about this COVID-19 situation?

D) Bears with or __________ up with each other in love.

E) __________________ the unity in the church.

Paul warns that people will try to destroy the unity that Christ has provided for the church.

How can you defend the unity at CrossWay?

III) What things unite believers and empower their walk? (Eph. 4:4-6)

A) The _____________ God has brought us to faith.

B) He has called us into a ____________ body of believers.

C) We have the ______________ that God can work through all things.