Homeland Park Baptist Church
Never Take Church For Granted Again!
10:30 AM Worship Service
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  • Homeland Park Baptist Church
    3010 Abbeville Hwy, Anderson, SC 29624, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Theme: God established the church to continue His plan for redemption until the day Jesus returns for His children. We must make the most of every opportunity to be a part of His plan through building the church.

Two months since our last time in this Sanctuary, we have returned by God’s grace!

What have you learned in this time we have not been allowed to meet in our sanctuary?
Acts of the Apostles 2:1-12 NLT

A. God’s People Are Filled With The Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-12)

God’s People Meet Together
Church Began As A Movement of From God
God Breathed Life Into The Church In order To Breath Life into His People
God Will Judge The Church

God Initiated The Church To Unify His People
Acts of the Apostles 2:22-24 NLT

B. The Gospel Is The Message of The Church (Acts 2:22-24)

The Church Was Alway Part of God’s Plan For Your Redemption

A lack of gratitude for what Jesus has done for you, leads to an attitude of taking His church for granted!

The only thing that will kill a church is the membership’s sin of unwillingness to obey Him!
Acts of the Apostles 2:42-47 NLT

C. The Church Is A Community (Acts 2:42-47)

Church Is Not A Spectator Sport
Never Lose Your Sense of Awe of The Church
Never Take Church For Granted Again!

3 Phase Plan For Reopening HPBC

If you would like to see our plan for reopening, please follow this link to see our three phase process. This plan is subject to change as conditions change. Please contact pastorjames if you have any questions or concerns. pastorjames@homelandparkbc.org



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