Kalamazoo First Assembly of God
uneXpected Week 1 "X Marks the Spot"
The Christmas season is full of the uneXpected. From the unpredictable weather, the unplanned family showing up without notice, to the carefully wrapped gifts concealing their contents, Christmas is about the uneXpected. It seems that nothing has changed. The Christmas story was completely uneXpected. A pregnant virgin. A King born in a cave. Shepherds experiencing angelic announcements. Kings bowing before a peasant child. Nothing about the birth of Jesus was what anyone really eXpected… ...but it was exactly what we needed. This Christmas season, we focus the “most wonderful time of the year” on this uneXpected and wonderful Savior. Our prayer is for Him do the uneXpected in our lives, our families, and our community.
Locations & Times
  • Kfirst
    5550 Oakland Dr, Portage, MI 49024, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

Intro to "uneXpected"

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The disposition of my heart will fix the position of Jesus in my responses.

#uneXpected #BeTheX
My motives give flavor to my behavior.

#uneXpected #BeTheX
1. Determine what we do
2. Reveals who we are.
3. Forecasts who we will become.
God cares more about who we are becoming than what we are achieving.

#uneXpected #BeTheX
God-centeredness lead to God awareness.

#uneXpected #BeTheX
The X Message:
1. God loves me.
2. God is with me.
3. God is for me.

#uneXpected #BeTheX
When you know the motives of God, you can trust the hand of God.

#uneXpected #BeTheX
Repentance interrupts the known life-equation to bring uneXpected Kingdom results.

#uneXpected #BeTheX


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