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Home for Christmas: Advent Series (Part 1)
Willing to Go Where You Send Me: Iran
A. Leaving our home in Iran to search for the King...
1. The wise men must have traveled anywhere up to 800 miles to find the King of the Jews.
2. They followed "His" start to Jerusalem.
3. The wise men numbered more than three.
4. The wise men most likely traveled by horse.
B. "We saw His star in the east"...
1. There are many things we do not know about the star. There are some things that we do know:
a. It signified birth.
b. It signified kingship.
c. It had a connection to the Jewish nation.
d. It rose in the east, like other stars (due to the rotation of the earth).
e. It appeared at a precise time.
f. Herod didn’t know when it appeared.
g. It endured over time.
h. It was ahead of the wise men as they traveled south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.
i. It stopped over Bethlehem.
2. It is possible that the wise men were aware of Balaam's prophecy.
3. It is possible the wise men were Jewish descendants of Daniel and knew the timing of the Messiah's appearance. It would have been 483 years after the Persian emperor gave the command to rebuild Jerusalem.
4. It is clear the wise men did not know exactly where the birth would be.
5. The King of the Jews by birth was clearly a threat to the king of the Jews by appointment.
C. The gifts of the wise men were significant...
1. Gold was the gift for a King.
2. Frankincense was an incense to burn which represented prayer. It was used by the priests and indicated His priestly role as Messiah.
3. Myrrh was a fragrant perfume used in embalming bodies indicating the death of the Messiah.
4. They bowed down in worship to the Messiah--Jesus Christ--Prophet, Priest, and King!
D. What do you learn from the wise men leaving their home?
1. It is very possible they waited for years for the birth of the Messiah.
Do you become weary when you are not seeing the results you might be expecting?
2. The wise men left their homes, their families, and all their comforts to search for Jesus.
Are you willing to surrender all in your pursuit of Jesus?
3. The wise men brought gifts that were exactly what God directed them to bring.
What is God asking you to give as evidence of your love for Him?
Are you spiritually sensitive enough to hear His voice in your giving?
4. The wise men knew the first priority of all followers is to offer yourselves fully in worship.
Are you offering a whole-hearted worship to God?
Are you offering a worship that is not withholding anything...bitterness, hard feelings, anger, possessions, relationships, disappointments, recreation, entertainment, etc.?
Coming Soon:
December 4: A Home to Grow: Nazareth
December 11: A Supportive Home: Jerusalem
December 18: The Predicted and Celebrated Home: Bethlehem
December 25: I’ll Be Home For Christmas
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