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November 20th, 2016
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Nov-Dec Calendar
Nov 23 ~ Thanksgiving Eve Service (All classes in Sanctuary)
Nov 24-25 ~ Thanksgiving - Office Closed

Dec 1 ~ Men’s Christmas Dinner
Dec 10 ~ All-Church Christmas Dinner
Dec 15 ~ Deacon Board Christmas Dinner
Dec 14 ~ Youth, Ranger & Girls Ministry Party
Dec 16 ~ Women’s Christmas Dinner
Dec 24 ~ Christmas Eve Candlelight Service - 6:00pm
Dec 25 ~ Christmas Day Service - 11:00am-12:00pm (No Sunday School)

NO SERVICES: Wed Dec 21, & 28

New Year’s Eve ~ TBD ~ More info coming
Jan 1 ~ Worship Service only - 11:00am-12:00pm (No Sunday School)

Please note all time changes!
We talked about listening more speaking less and letting God’s word dictate our responses.
Now James kind of doubles down on this by saying.
Now that you know this, you need to DO IT.
One commentary says this is the key verse of the whole book of James.

“Put into practice what you believe.”
“Too many people mark their bibles, but never allow their bibles to mark them.” ~ Warren Wiersbe
If we look in a mirror, see what needs to be changed but then walk away and do nothing, why bother with the mirror?
James 1:23 - NLT
For if you just listen and don't obey, it is like looking at your face in a mirror but doing nothing to improve your appearance.
It’s easy to just glance at God’s word, just a quick reading in the day because we know we have to have our devotional...
...but then as we close the Bible after our devotional, we instantly forget what we read or we think that what we read doesn’t apply to me and we go from there...
We should have a reaction when we read and then a desire to do something about it.
The blessings come NOT from hearing or reading, but they come from DOING!
God’s word, when practiced will set you free from what holds you back, what keeps you from growing, and what holds you in bondage.
If we never work out differences, the enemy will get in and begin to destroy that relationship and move from there to all others.
If we obey God’s command, then that relationship can be restored and be better than ever.
It’s easy to always think about the negative and focus on those things. And if we do that we will never climb out of the pit it takes us into.
But when focus on God’s truthful word and put our trust in Him, the situations may not change but our attitude and outlook on life surely will.
The question is...

Do we respond by DOING what he says, or do we keep on living and doing what we want expecting things to get miraculously better by themselves?

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