Bent Tree Church
Community Group Questions for Revelation: The Church Week 7
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  • Bent Tree Church, Loveland
    1825 W 37th St, Loveland, CO 80538, USA
    Sunday 2:00 PM
1. Icebreaker: What kind of thermostat person are you? Do you run cold or hot? Do you prefer warmer or colder climates? Why?
2. What insight, principle, or observation from Sunday’s sermon/message did you find to be most helpful, eye opening, or troubling?
3. Read Revelation 3:14-22. In 5 out 7 churches, Jesus said, “I know your works.” In all seven letters, Jesus starts with “I know.” Jesus knows exactly what’s going on in every church still today. By remembering that truth, how can that guide church members’ words and actions to be more Christ-honoring?
4. By knowing that Jesus is not referring to a “spiritual” but a “physical” temperature, how does that explain why Jesus prefers that we are either “cold or hot” (3:15)? When has your Christian life been refreshing? Warming?
5. What is the appeal of being lukewarm? When is lukewarmness distasteful? Why does lukewarmness sicken Jesus (3:16)? Could you describe a time in your life when you were lukewarm toward God? What causes us to become lukewarm in our relationship with God?
6. In 3:17, John says that the Laodiceans think they are rich when they are, in fact, poor. What dangerous mindset develops as a result of wealth? What does this have to do with being lukewarm?
7. Why does Jesus advise believers to “buy from Me gold refined by fire” (3:18)? How is refined gold used in the Bible (cf. Job 23:10; Prov. 27:21; Mal 3:2-3; see also Zech. 13:9; 1 Pet. 1:6-9)? What role does Jesus give to believers in His invitation in 3:20? Is this verse an invitation to salvation or fellowship?
8. Take away: In nearly every message Jesus has for the seven churches, He commends them for something and challenges them to change in others. As we conclude this study, think about what message Jesus would have for Bent Tree Church based on what He said to the seven churches. Write your own letter, from Jesus’ perspective of what you would commend Bent Tree Church for and what challenges we have as a church.
9. How can our group pray for you this week?