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Family Matters: Apology Accepted
Pastor Neal Nybo
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Apologizing well seems to be a lost art but this skill has never been more important. The willingness and ability to say “I’m sorry” helps nurture healthy relationships. For Christians, apologizing is even more important because we are living representatives of God. That’s why Jesus tells us to prioritize making things right with other people even above making things right with God.
1. Christians must be people who apologize.
According to Jesus, getting things right with people takes precedence over getting things right with God.

How Can and Should a Christian Apologize?

It's hard to apologize and even harder to do well...
1. What are some practical examples of “leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother or sister; then come and offer your gift.”?
2. Romans 12:18 reads, "... as far as it depends on you, live in peace..." What does, “as far as it depends on you” mean?
3. What are some implications in today’s COVID pandemic of Romans 12:18?
4. How might apologizing fit with each of these verses?
2. Christians are living representatives of God.
We are not just people who know some information or even believe something about God. We are actively involved in God’s work in the world.
1. Describe a situation when you realized you were a living representative of God?
2. Did that realization help you act or speak differently?
3. How might the “message of reconciliation” be helpful today?
4. How does apologizing fit with this point?

Fake Apologies

People often try to give apologies but end up offering non-apology apologies for a variety of reasons. Here are some examples.
3. Christians limit our freedom on behalf of others.
Christians sometimes need to let go of what they want for the benefit of others.
1. What is the first emotion you feel when you hear the words, “limit our freedom on behalf of others?
2. Take a look at the rest of Romans 14. What is the chapter about? Does the phrase, “limit our freedom on behalf of others” capture the meaning of the verse and chapter? If so, how does it relate to our freedom? What freedom are we talking about?
4. Have you ever said, or been tempted to say, “because I can” as justification for something you want to do? How about, “because it’s my right?” How do these reasons line up with Romans 14:19?
5. Is there anything about your habits or actions that may change because of what you have been learning in this study?
6. How does apologizing fit in with this point?

More about apologies...

Here are seven steps of a sincere apology
4. Christians apologize because they have changed.
The old creation is gone but we still live with its results. We have to make an effort to change.

Ted Talk with three steps

This is the source of Pastor Neal's 4 words for an apology. This speaker has three - Why, Because, And. Pastor Neal added No.
1. Can you give an example, other than dieting, that even when the old creation is gone, we still live with its results?
2. Give an example of something that has changed or has become new, in your life, your attitude or your actions, because of your faith in Christ?
3. If the example you just gave is more than a year old, do you have a more recent example?
4. In what area of your life are you still living with the results of the old creation? What about those results would you like to see changed?
5. How does apologizing fit with this point?
Next step:
Look up and study one resource on effective apologies. Find at least one thing you want to do, to improve your ability and willingness to apologize when necessary. Bonus step: think of one easy thing you could apologize to someone for. Ask them if you can apologize for it. If they resist, tell them you would like to as practice.

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