Grace Church
Lydia: Open Heart, Open Home - Sunday, May 17, 2020
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Locations & Times
  • Grace Church - West Campus
    4267 2 Mile Rd, Bay City, MI 48706, USA
    Sunday 11:15 AM
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TODAY’S MESSAGE: "Lydia: Open Heart, Open Home"
TODAY’S BIG IDEA: God opens hearts; will we open our homes?

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Reflect: If there ever was a tale of hospitality, it would be the whole story of God. He continually sets a banquet before those who don’t agree with him and cannot care for themselves. How have you seen the hospitality of God in your own life?
Reflect: Has it ever occurred to you that your home is an outpost for the gospel, and that your daily activities are full of opportunities to demonstrate the grace of God to those you meet along the way?
Reflect: Biblical hospitality is not entertaining. The Greek word translated hospitality in the New Testament is “philoxenia,” which means “love of strangers.” How adept are you at extending yourself toward those outside your group? Your ideologies? Your preferences?
Reflect: In order to truly love our neighbors, we must be willing to sacrifice. Jesus calls this “dying to self,” giving up ourselves for the good of another. He gave up everything for our ultimate redemption. What are you willing to give up to share this “good news” with others? What sacrifices would be a struggle for you, and why?
Reflect: As far as we know, Paul never met the man from Macedonia whose plea was the spark that started the gospel fire in Europe, a fire that is still blazing today. What kind of bold prayers are you praying for yourself and for others?
Rest & Reflect: Days 6 & 7 are days of rest and reflection. Use these days to dig a bit deeper if you feel inspired.